5 Natural Ways to Stop PMS Mood Swings

(For women who are ready to stop PMS and painful periods forever)

Download this guide to learn how to go from a week of mood swings and emotional roller coasters to week of heightened intuition and insight.

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Your Inner Seasons and Phases

You'll be introduced to the concept of your inner moon cycles, why these are so important and they relate to your menstrual cycle and changing hormones. 

Ayurveda and the Vata Phase of Cycle

Each phase your cycle can be mapped onto an Ayurvedic body type or the five elements. Learn how balance these elemental energies as they shift through out your cycle.

Your Chakra Energies Through Your Cycle

As you move through your menstrual cycle your chakra energies change, learn how these energies influence your mood swings and how you can balance them to eliminate the emotional roller coaster.

Your Changing Masculine and Feminine Energies

As your hormones fluctuate through your cycle so does your internal yin and yang energies. Learn how to harness your rising yin during your PMS phase to amplify your intuition and inner guidance.

Hi, I'm Reenee Khanna

I'm a clinical herbalist and purveyor of ancient wisdom and medicine. These five natural ways to stop PMS mood swings (part of my course How to stop Painful Periods Forever ... In 90 Days or Less) has helped women around the world cope with mood swings experienced in PMS.

Without it you feel like your natural cycle is a disruptive inconvenience in your life, holding you back and making you feel like an emotional wreck, exhausted and isolated.

With it, rather than a week of mood swings, you'll experience a week of heightened intuition and insight. You'll have to manage the emotions and feelings that trigger PMS mood swings, leaving you feeling balanced.

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"Reenee is the first person to pinpoint and help me holistically explore, heal and uncover my unique power as a woman.

She helps women and girls be in tune with themselves through a new, deep and enlightening perspective on their life and well-being."


"Learning about the moon cycle have given me so much insight into my own well-being. I started charting my month - looking forward to decipher and have a better understanding of the cyclical nature of my being!

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!"๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’“



"This was phenomenal, thank you Reenee Khanna you are an amazing teacher!!"๐Ÿ’ช


Stop allowing PMS mood swings to make you feel isolated.

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