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The reason you feel like you're having ups and downs is because you aren't living in flow with your cycle.

Living in flow with your cycle means creating a life that honours your monthly hormonal changes, it means creating an environment that honours who you are.  Think of a plant.  if it isn't flourishing, you don't blame the plant, you examine the environment, the soil, the amount of sunlight or water, etc and change it to help the plant thrive.  Why not do the same for yourself?

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"Reenee is the first person to pinpoint and help me holistically explore, heal and uncover my unique power as a woman. She helps women and girls be in tune with themselves through a new, deep and enlightening perspective on their life and well-being."

Andrea Rasenesco

Your Menstrual Cycle is a Powerful Tool of Creation

Whether creating human life or giving birth to your dreams and desires, your cycle is a powerful tool of creation. And, a woman in flow with her cycle of creation can manifest anything she desires.  Each phase of your cycle supports a different aspect of manifestation: Your pms phase of your cycle triggers you to show you exactly what do you don't want in your reality.  Then your period is your time to connect with divine energy to set powerful intentions. Your robust energy after your period is the time to take action and create your intentions, while ovulation is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.  In this course you will learn exactly what to do in each phase of your cycle to support and speed up your manifestation process.

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"Thank for sharing your wisdom so passionately with us and for creating such a warm and inviting atmosphere. You are an amazing coach!"

Renata Bak

Your period doesn't have to be painful....

PMS is not normal. In fact, these symptoms and pain are the first whisper of imbalance in the body.  Your period and PMS are a time of release and so your body is using this time to release excess energies and bring you back to homeostasis.  When you decode your pms symptoms and heal the root cause, you bring your entire system back into balance.   This means not only do your periods become painless and you feel better overall. 

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"I purchased your course and it's been absolutely brilliant! I have learnt soo much am on the verge of completing it x"


Health is a reflection of how balance you feel in mind and body.

According to Ayurveda your health is not determined based on some standard set of numbers or societal standards, but instead is based on your unique make-up and ideal balance.  Finding your balance and ideal health is a personal process, there is no one size fits all approach.  In this course you will get a birds eye view on this powerful approach to health and how to bring this powerful ancient wisdom into your daily life.

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"Reenee is full of energy and creativity.... she can choreograph a dance on the spot for any age group. The kids and I love dancing with her!"

P. Anand

Your unprocessed emotions are stored in your hips

Join me in this hip shaking dance style and move some emotions while having fun!

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Not sure which program is right for you? Reach out and we can figure it out together.


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