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I understand and agree that once purchased there are no refunds.  I also acknowledge that Reenee is a licensed herbalist, and makes no claims to be a medical doctor or offer any diagnosis. The purpose of this guide is to educate me about my body and healing by natural processes and ancient medicine.  I am ultimately responsible for my own choices as to what I do with the educational material being offered and am solely responsible for my own decisions and actions.


Powerful Periods Blueprint

When you know how to eat and move in flow with your cycle, your body thrives no matter what time of month it is.  In this course you will:

  • Connect to your cycle for smooth, easy periods

  • Nourish your body with exactly what it needs in each phase of your cycle to reduce pms and period pain

  •  Master your hormonal fluctuations so you don’t feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster

What you get:

  • A combination of PDF and video trainings
  • Charting Journal and Worksheets


What People Are Saying:

I just wanted to say what you have created and are working towards is truly special and you will achieve your goal to reaching millions of women around the world. I really believe in your work and the insight is soooo valuable! Keep up the work that you are doing, it is absolutely fantastic.


...helped me see that embracing the phases of my cycle and adjusting my tasks and priorities proactively to be more aligned with what my body needs, is much more empowering  and freeing than doing what I had been taught for so many years - to tough it out or medicate.