I know what it’s like to be sick and not have any answers, I know what it’s like to go to doctors and nothings works.  It wasn’t until I had all these frustrating experiences that I started to look into how the body heals itself and discovered that thriving is your natural state. 
When you flow with your unique needs for your unique body, you give your body exactly what it needs to heal naturally and be in a state of optimal health.
Below you’ll find simple remedies, beauty regimes, and choices you can make on a daily basis to feel radiant and vibrant in your body.  

The Daily Elixir to Slow Down Aging

Haldi Doodh, also known as turmeric milk or golden milk is the ancient Ayurvedic secret to prevent aging, mentally and physically.  Turmeric is full of antioxidants, which slows down the aging process in the brain and the body.  There is increasing scientific evidence that consumption of turmeric prevents memory loss and Alzheimers.  The key to Golden milk though lies in the way it's made, because turmeric is not easily absorbed by the body.  Dissolving the turmeric in a cup of warmed non-homogenized cows milk with cardamom, lines the gut to help absorb the turneric.  This is one instance where no-dairy alternatives do not provide the same benefit, it all comes down to the bacteria found in the milk.  Good quality, full fat milk is key.  Download the recipe below to make this liquid gold at home.

Download the Elixir Recipe Here

Home Herbal Remedies

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Say Bye to Dry Skin

I love this easy-to-make herb-infused oil for dry skin. This dry skin remedy can be used every night before bed, simply massage into the skin and allow it to soak in all night for soft skin all winter long. Infused with lavender and calendula, I add vitamin E, frankincense essential oil, and sandalwood essential oil to moisturize. You can download the recipe below and watch the video here on how to make at home yourself.

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Flawless Skin Night Routine

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