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The province of Ontario, Canada currently does not regulate or license herbalists. I am a registered herbalist with the Ontario Herbalists Association, a self-regulating body. I, Reenee Khanna, am not a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.) or a licensed Ayurvedic Doctor.  I do not deal with drugs, nor do I issue a diagnosis or suggest cures.

The purpose of this site is simply to educate you about manifestation and about your body as to healing by natural processes. I consider ancient wisdom, herbs, and foods to be nutritional assets to health and it is in this way that I offer my advice. Although I personally believe herbs are a part of good health care, I make no claims for their medicinal actions. Any information offered is done so on the basis of research and scientific evidence and traditional uses.

By visiting this site you agree to make your own choices as to what you do with the educational material being offered and are solely responsible for your own decisions and actions.

It is always my suggestion that you should seek out the advice of a licensed health care practitioner whenever you feel it is necessary in regards to your own personal health.


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