Magnetic AF

In this high-proximity coaching container, I show you why you're creating your reality the way you are and what you need to do to get everything you want.  Whether that's in health, money, business, or love.  Together we remove anything that's holding back your desires so you can manifest the things you've been wanting, fast.  

This program is transformational and has created drastic shifts for clients.  

Like my client A who in less than 3 months healed her thyroid, expanded her business, and shifted her love life.  

Or my client G who healed her diabetes and went from a toxic relationship to dating amazing men.  

Or my client R who overcame her debilitating anxiety to shine in her career and transform her social life.  

There's no fluff, no bs, I tell you exactly what's stopping you from having what you want and together we shift it so you can be magnetic AF and manifest your desires. 

If you're ready to fundamentally up-level your life, message me to learn more. 

"Thank you Reenee. Your words have changed my perspective entirely and shifted my energy. I feel much lighter and I see much brighter. no kidding everything actually looks brighter, the colours are brighter. I don’t have that heavy feeling in my heart anymore. You’ve alleviated all of that. I feel so clear in my head and energized throughout my body. I can’t wait to see what I manifest next. And also just to let you know, I reached out to a potential client and they responded, and it looks like it’s going to go through."


"I love your approach, you are there as a guide encouraging us to do the work. It's very powerful, and it's been the missing link for me. And thank you so much for your patience"


"Thank you for sharing your wisdom so passionately... and for creating such a warm and inviting atmosphere. You are an amazing coach!"


"Working with Reenee has been a life changer for me. I struggled with Thyroid for years and really wanted to get off the medications. After just a few weeks of working with her and her treatments the symptoms have decreased significantly. I cannot even begin to comment on how much lighter I feel emotionally."



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