PMS is your subconscious mind’s way of sending you a memo

Jul 11, 2024

PMS is your subconscious mind’s way of sending you a memo.

When you're dealing with PMS, all those deep-seated thoughts and patterns you usually don’t notice start bubbling up.

It’s like you’re getting a backstage pass to what’s really running the show in your mind.

When you use PMS as an opportunity to see where you have resistance instead of just seeing it as a tough time, the whole game changes.

The recurring worries, doubts, irritations, and grief that come up during this time reveal to you the very patterns that are holding you back.

And this phase of your cycle is the perfect chance to shift those beliefs and release the blocks that aren’t doing you any favours.

The transformation you can create during this time of your cycle sets you up to manifest your desires.

When you start seeing PMS as a monthly check-in with yourself, instead of feeling irritable and sad, you use this time as chance to flip the script and start creating what you want....

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How to stop resenting the past

Jul 10, 2024

The sad part is, most give up before the seed of potential can sprout through the soil.

This is because after you release resistance there’s still a waiting period before all the energy is pulled out of the roots and the seed sprouts through the soil.

This is the hard part.

What you do during this time is what separates those who get what they want from those who can’t seem to manifest their desires.

This is the work we do in my 1:1 high-proximity program, Magnetic AF.

I ensure you have the support you need to not just release resistance but navigate through the dark waiting period before the seed of potential sprouts through to see the light.

Message me if you’d like to learn more.

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Manifestation is really about finding your groove and getting aligned

Jul 09, 2024

So, there’s this myth floating around that getting good at manifesting is a long haul thing.

Like, you need to fix every single thing about yourself and tackle all those limiting beliefs one by one.

But guess what?

That’s not how it works.

Manifestation is really about finding your groove and getting aligned.

Sometimes, all it takes is shifting one little limiting belief to start seeing big changes.

And that’s where Manifestation Codes comes in.

This program is all about showing you how to connect to what you want and flip your reality—fast.

If you’ve always felt like you’re meant for more and don’t want to waste time getting there, this is for you. In this program you will dive into how to create the life you dream about and how to attract what you want without the endless self-fixing.


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Where You May be Going Wrong with Affirmations

Jul 08, 2024

Writing an affirmation and reciting it daily from a place of being unhappy with where you are right now, won’t get you your desire, fast. Accepting yourself as enough where you are now, and as your are now, is what will.

Manifesting your desires doesn’t happen because you’ve written the best affirmation, it happens because you know you are enough with or without your desire.
The moment you embrace where you are right now, is the moment you start moving rapidly to exactly where you want to be.

In manifestation codes, you will know how to remove your judgement on where you are right now so you can get to where you want to be.

This program will transform how you see your current reality so you can create the reality that you want.

If you are done with your current situation but you’re tired of affirming and trying every tool and technique without getting results, this program is for you.


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Stepping into your power can feel like an emotional roller coaster sometimes.

Jul 04, 2024

Stepping into your power can feel like an emotional roller coaster sometimes.

One minute you’re all in, you’re invincible and unstoppable and the next minute you find yourself back in your old comfortable patterns. It happens to all of us.

It can kind of feel like you’re swinging on a pendulum. At first the swings are massive, you’re oscillating between the old you and this new, empowered version of you.

This is because when you embrace the new empowered version of you, it feels uncomfortable at first so it’s natural to retreat back to what feels safe.

But the thing is once you know how good it feels to be in your power, you just want the unstoppable invincible feeling again, so you muster up your energy to swing the pendulum the other way.

It takes a bit of back and forth before you get the swing and feel in control of your new empowered vibration.

But when you know how to master this swing and find balance, manifestation becomes easy.


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Why You're Seeing Signs but Not Manifesting Your Desire

Jul 03, 2024

If you’re seeing all the signs and still don’t have your manifestation here’s why.

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I will share the exact process I give my clients.

Jul 02, 2024

You attract what you focus on and when you obsess over what’s not working for you, what’s not happening, things seem to stall even more.

Like when you worry about why you haven’t attracted clients, you make no sales

Or when you worry there are no good partners out there you seem to meet all the wrong potential partners.

It’s like you’re putting yourself in a manifestation traffic jam

You think you get the evidence to support your thoughts so you dig in deeper to those negative thoughts and outcomes

Logically you know shifting your frequency will call in what you want, but that feels impossible when your results aren’t working in your favour

It’s hard when your reality is reflecting the exact opposite of what you want. So what’s the secret code?

This is exactly what I share with you in Manifestation Codes - the how to actually pull yourself out of that negative loop.

To move from feeling lack to feeling abundance so you can...

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Transform Your PMS Mood Swings to Powerful Intuition

Jul 01, 2024

PMS is one of the most powerful phases of your cycle, your ituition is heightened during this phase.

Your inner world comes alive as your third eye chakra is activated.

This is why you are more senstive to your outside world, your higher self is calling you inwards.

In Manifest with Your Period, you will know exactly how to harness this phase of your cycle to step into the power of your intuition and manifest exactly what you want.

This program is a game changer, you will go from mood swings to some of the most incredible powerful insights you can have.

Link here: CLICK HERE

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When you do this everything changes

Jun 28, 2024

Ladies, you are a cyclical being, syncing with a natural 28-day rhythm.

Yet your world revolves around a 24-hour male circadian rhythm—dictating diets, business strategies, and goal-setting methods.

And this only aligns with your moon cycle for half of the month.

Why align with a cycle that doesn’t fully resonate with your biological rhythm?

When you nourish yourself, launch programs, or strategize your business moves according to your 28-day cycle, you unlock a profound way to create a life that resonates with you deeply.

You honour your energy so you thrive instead of feeling burnt out.

Imagine aligning every action and decision with your cyclical energy so that you:

Amplify the quality of your outputs
Deepen your intentions in everything you do
Enhance your connection with yourself
Elevate your intuition
Feel more alive, attuned, and authentically you.

Isn’t it time to tap into your true potential by aligning with your natural rhythm?

In my free Masterclass How...

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The Practical Way to Shift Timelines

Jun 26, 2024

In Manifestation Codes you will be jumping timelines regularly, just like my client P who went from a timeline of business is slow to one where her calendar is full of clients.

Or my client A who went from single to meeting an incredible man and being in the exact type of relationship she wanted in weeks.

When clients come into my world within a month their life is transformed, in some cases completely unrecognizable, like my client who went from I’m not sure about my business to a slew of new dream clients jumping in.

And I’m not just helping others, I too went from having no dance school at all 9 months ago, to opening 3 profitable locations, hiring a team, and 3 more locations in the pipelines, all while running a successful coaching business.

If you are ready to get the real low down on how to jump timelines, I’m not talking a powerful meditation or tool, I’m talking the actual practical way to jump timelines.

Get your Manifestation Codes...

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